Based in Zagreb, Croatia

Release date:
Q3 2018



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USD$9.99 (projected)


Speed Limit is a retro style shooter inspired by old-school arcade games. The player runs for his life from well-dressed baddies through 11 taxing levels which get ever faster as you run, drive sports cars and fly fighter jets to escape your doom! The gameplay changes as you progress through the levels, to keep you on your toes, and keep you guessing what lurks around the corner.


The game debuted with a one-level demo on Reboot Infogamer 2017 as part of the retro arcade that was featured on our booth. The game was a success and garnered lots of praise from local articles and our arcade stand even received the 'best indie game stand' award from Red Bull. We have also developed a free version of this short one-level demo called Speed Limit: Stage 2 and soon we will return our focus on finishing Speed Limit with all its 11 levels.


  • Eleven different levels with faster and faster venichles from trains and cars to motorbikes, helicopters and more.
  • Throwback to the golden era of arcade games but with a modern approach
  • Each two levels the gameplay completely changes to include all the arcade classical mechanics such as sidescrolling, top-down, fake-3d, and many more...
  • Each pixel in each animation is handmade, no cheats and no shortcuts
  • Game available in a physical arcade customly designed and hand-made by Gamechuck


There are currently no trailers available for Speed Limit. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!




Awards & Recognition

  • "Best indie game stand on Reboot Infogamer" Red Bull, 23 November, 2017

Selected Articles

  • "The second game from Gamechuck is Speed Limit, a throwback to the 90s and a very difficult game to master, but that's no reason not to try!"
    - Josipa Galić, RedBull.hr (in Croatian)
  • "While developers mostly give their players a mouse and keyboard or a controller to play their games on festivals, Gamechuck studio offers a home-made arcade machine on their desk, where they give us a glimpse of Speed Limit - an exceedingly difficult platformer with retro visuals."
    - Vedran Sabljak, GamePerspectives.hr (in Croatian)

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About Gamechuck

Gamechuck is a game development duo that wants to provide innovative and unique gaming experiences. Our vision consists of games where the mechanics are intertwined with the story, the visuals, and the sound. We also spend time thinking of new ways to push the boundaries of existing game genres. Accomplishing the task of creating well rounded games is a complex job, and eager to share their work with the world, we decided to start off with shorter games, but that doesn't mean we don't have illusions of grandeur!

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Speed Limit Credits

Igor Kolar

Aleksandar Gavrilovic

Dominik Kisic

Matija Malatestinić

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