New web – new me!

It’s been two years since our two-man-team published All You Can Eat on Steam straight from the basement living room. The game was a modest success (a few thousand copies sold) but it was beloved by gamers, fans, critics, and we caught the eye of local talent as well.

Since those “humble” beginnings, we’ve grown to a studio numbering a dozen employees and having a steady stream of games we’re simultaneously working on (interactive comics, retro games, and our largest project – Trip the Ark Fantastic).

These two years happened so fast we almost forgot to update our web to reflect this new situation, but now we decided to remedy that. So this is the new and improved (WordPress powered) website. WordPress is great since it’s very modular, and easy to upgrade, so you can expect much more of these blog posts and other content in the future, for a more dynamic website than what we had before.

Also, be sure to check out our About page to read a bit more on our values, the current and previous team members in Gamechuck and so on!

Also also, feel free to add yourself to our Discord and chat with us directly!

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