Ark Fantastic development blog

A weekly blog series on Trip the Ark Fantastic development progress

Hello, fellow Gamechuckers! It’s been a while since we’ve posted something here, so we guess this is a proper time to say something about our flagship project, an RPG adventure title, Trip the Ark Fantastic via the official development blog.

The official trailer announcement went rather well, and since then we have gathered a lot of content to the official blog which can be found on the game’s website.

In order to keep the development of the game completely transparent, we are running an official blog that covers two main topics: lore and development.

Every Tuesday we are publishing an Ark Fantastic lore blog article, that covers something interesting from the lore background of the game’s story; be it a story about the kingdom, a specific character, or an event that happened in the kingdom’s history.

On Thursdays, we are making a bit different blog where you can read more about the development itself. E.g., what engine we use, how our animations work, how do we draw our characters and environments, etc.

Want to know more about Trip the Ark Fantastic beyond the official blog? Make sure to follow us on Discord, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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