Gamechuck signs the first collective agreement in the Croatian gaming industry

Zagreb, April 29, 2022 – A Croatian video game development studio Gamechuck, and The New Trade Union signed the first collective agreement in the Croatian gaming industry on Friday. Gamechuck believes this is a step forward in the protection of workers’ rights in the Croatian gaming industry.

”The gaming industry is growing rapidly in the Republic of Croatia, and concurrently, so do the opportunities for the exploitation of workers, especially when it comes to the infamous ‘crunch time.’ Fortunately, crunch is absent in Gamechuck, but that does not mean it cannot and will not happen. The collective agreement protects Gamechuck’s workers against such situations. I believe that this is a big step for workers’ rights in the gaming industry in the Republic of Croatia,” said Igor Gajic, union commissioner in Gamechuck.

The collective agreement reduces the amount of daily working time from 8 hours to 6 hours and 45 minutes, of which 45 minutes is a mandatory break. Furthermore, the number of days off for annual leave has been increased to a minimum of 24.

Salaries are transparent, and Gamechuck is obliged to submit a report on the company’s financial data every three months. Workers are also entitled to a 10% share of the company’s profits at the end of the year.

In short, the collective agreement between Gamechuck and The New Trade Union guarantees:

  • transparency of salaries and the company’s business
  • 10% profit share for workers
  • shorter and flexible working hours
  • longer annual leave and free days
  • better control over the copyright
  • protection of workers’ dignity
  • payment to the third pension pillar
  • paid annual medical check-up

“There is a lot of talk about unionism in the global video game industry. Unionism is important for solidarity and protection of the weaker in the collective, but it also provides benefits for the company – democratic mechanisms bring balance to the decisions of the Board, and transparency forces the Board to plan better and operate more sustainably,” stated Aleksandar Gavrilović, director and co-founder of Gamechuck.

You can read our collective agreement below.

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