Gamechuck – A Speedrun Through 2021

At Gamechuck we worked on 4 games (2 shipped!), 1 mobile AR app and 1 fully-custom VR hardware and software solution in 2021.

We also won an award for innovation and were nominated for many more for different projects. Not bad, eh?

Here’s a short recap of our projects in 2021.

Speed Limit

Btw, check it out on Steam (it’s still on sale!)

Speed Limit, our love letter to the golden era of arcades, launched on PC and consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4 (playable on PS5!), Xbox One, Xbox Series S I X) and both digital and physical medium this year, the only Croatian game to do so, thanks to our publisher Chorus Worldwide Games!

  • Speed Limit was also warmly received by the press and users (85% Steam reviews positive!), acquiring several nominations for the best game and innovations at various festivals and awards ceremonies.
  • Golden Beaver Awards by Gaming Portal – Best Croatian Game (Nomination)
  • BIG Festival – Innovation (Nomination)
  • Unfold Games Awards – Best Music (Honorable Mention)


Midwintar (Wishlist it on Steam!), our latest project that takes a dark comedy turn on medieval horror folklore, went into full production. Midwintar (we also have an official web page) had its debut at the biggest European gaming festival gamescom and is backed by the supportive folks at Rogue Games, Inc.

Trip the Ark Fantastic

Trip the Ark Fantastic, an innovative non-combat RPG set in a fabled world on a brink of civil war had undergone significant changes in art direction and game design that we believe will be more appealing to players.

Forklift VR

Forklift VR is a virtual reality (VR) simulation software designed for the purposes of forklift training and developed for the socially-inclusive Skills Power VR project for ManpowerGroup Hrvatska.

Forklift VR is accompanied by the Gamechuck Controller Arcade hardware to provide the most authentic forklift driving and handling experience.

  • 19th International Innovation Exhibition ARCA 2021 – BRONZE MEDAL
  • Zagreb Design Week Festival – Finalist

Monster Adventure

Monster Adventure, an educational game about road and traffic safety, environmental issues, social cohesion, volunteering, and helping others in need, launched on PC (Steam), App Store, Google Play, web, and was even open-sourced. We have RODA – Roditelji u akciji to thank for making this game!


CLIME, a tourist augmented reality (AR) mobile app designed for the beautiful City of Pula, launched on the App Store and Google Play at the very end of the year. CLIME would not have been possible without Impact House, Terra Hub Croatia, the City of Grad Pula, and Equinox Vision.

We can’t wait to show you what’s in store from Gamechuck next year!

Have a healthy and cheerful 2022!

The Gamechuck Arcades

“We can’t pretend we can go back, nor should we want to”

Igor Kolar

Hi, I’m Igor Kolar, co-founder of Gamechuck, and the designer behind the Gamechuck Arcade.

I’m an industrial designer by trade. At some point during the making of our first game, All You Can Eat, it occurred to me that making games weren’t hard enough, so I thought we’d venture into hardware territory as well.

Truthfully though, I actually wanted to contribute with something closer to my own, honed skill set, and also give a previous project a better going at.

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Speed Limit: 0-60 in Two Years

I’m Igor Kolar, I’m the game director for Speed Limit. I’m an industrial designer by trade, visual communications designer often by necessity, and sometimes like to pretend I’m a pixel artist.

Igor looking fancy and all

I did the initial design and art for Speed Limit before we were able to get more competent people on board to do those things, like our lead artist Jurica Cvetko and level designer Jan Juračić.

Also Igor in his natural habitat: always tinkering

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How we use illusions for perspective changes in Speed Limit

Following our latest awesome blog post/interview with Speed Limit programmer Karlo, we are continuing in a similar tone with Speed Limit lead programmer, Vanja.

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This is how we made awesome transitions in Speed Limit

In our last Speed Limit blog, we talked with Matija about his fantastic work on Speed Limit soundtrack. In this blog, something a bit different.

Today, we talk with Karlo, our programmer who will guide us through the process of making those awesome Speed Limit transitions!

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This is how we made our awesome Speed Limit soundtrack

Hi everyone! I’m Matija Malatestinic, sound designer and composer born in Rijeka, and currently living in Zagreb.

I used to work as a school teacher, but following a collaboration with Gamechuck that lasted a few years, I got a full-time job here. I’m here to talk about making Speed Limit soundtrack a bit.

I started working on Speed Limit music when I first saw sketches of levels.

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How to start with pixel art if you’re a noob?

Welcome to the very first blog article for our upcoming game Speed Limit! As you may already know, Speed Limit demo is available on Steam, but we are actively working on new levels.

Through these blogs, we aim to get you close to our development team and invite you to our weekly updates which will cover all sorts of topics that are related to actual development (duh), pixel-art, sound, music, tips ‘n tricks, and a lot of other stuff.

For this blog, we have invited our experienced pixel artist, Jurica who will answer some of our (silly) questions – just for your convenience.

Additionally, Jurica made five timelapse videos showing how he does pixel art (using Aseprite), which can help you with your pixel art endeavors.

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Ark Fantastic development blog

A weekly blog series on Trip the Ark Fantastic development progress

Hello, fellow Gamechuckers! It’s been a while since we’ve posted something here, so we guess this is a proper time to say something about our flagship project, an RPG adventure title, Trip the Ark Fantastic via the official development blog.

The official trailer announcement went rather well, and since then we have gathered a lot of content to the official blog which can be found on the game’s website.

In order to keep the development of the game completely transparent, we are running an official blog that covers two main topics: lore and development.

Every Tuesday we are publishing an Ark Fantastic lore blog article, that covers something interesting from the lore background of the game’s story; be it a story about the kingdom, a specific character, or an event that happened in the kingdom’s history.

On Thursdays, we are making a bit different blog where you can read more about the development itself. E.g., what engine we use, how our animations work, how do we draw our characters and environments, etc.

Want to know more about Trip the Ark Fantastic beyond the official blog? Make sure to follow us on Discord, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

New web – new me!

It’s been two years since our two-man-team published All You Can Eat on Steam straight from the basement living room. The game was a modest success (a few thousand copies sold) but it was beloved by gamers, fans, critics, and we caught the eye of local talent as well.

Since those “humble” beginnings, we’ve grown to a studio numbering a dozen employees and having a steady stream of games we’re simultaneously working on (interactive comics, retro games, and our largest project – Trip the Ark Fantastic).

These two years happened so fast we almost forgot to update our web to reflect this new situation, but now we decided to remedy that. So this is the new and improved (WordPress powered) website. WordPress is great since it’s very modular, and easy to upgrade, so you can expect much more of these blog posts and other content in the future, for a more dynamic website than what we had before.

Also, be sure to check out our About page to read a bit more on our values, the current and previous team members in Gamechuck and so on!

Also also, feel free to add yourself to our Discord and chat with us directly!