Interactive Comics

An innovative cross between adventure games and comic books, our interactive comics allow you to decide how the story develops by choosing where the protagonists go, what they say, and what they do. Throughout the experience, you will need to solve puzzles, navigate difficult conversations, and often make a few moral choices by the time you reach the end. Once you finish one of our interactive comics, you will get the chance to print out your playthrough in the format of an actual comic-book—a physical record of the story you helped tell.

We have published several such interactive comics to critical and commercial success and have worked with acclaimed comicbook artists on a multitude of genres ranging from light-hearted comedy to hard science fiction.
And in addition to our commercial interactive comics, we have also produced commissioned interactive comics for clients who wanted a novel way to showcase a product or present educational content.

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At Gamechuck we also occasionally develop interactive comicbooks for businesses and organisations for use as promotional or educational material. If you are interested in commissioning an interactive comicbook from us please reach-out to us!