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Press release

Speed Limit update enables integration with coin-operated arcade cabinets


Zagreb, Croatia, 25 August - Publisher Chorus Worldwide Games and developer Gamechuck released a second update for Speed Limit at gamescom, titled the “Penny & Dime Edition.” 

Penny & Dime Edition features a new game mode called the “Kiosk Mode,” a faithful recreation of the arcade cabinet user experience that enables integration with coin-operated arcade cabinets. Kiosk Mode is available only on PC platforms (Steam, GOG, Humble Store), and will be available later at Gamechuck Arcades.

Penny & Dime Edition trailer:

Speed Limit is available on:

  • Steam
  • GOG
  • Humble Store
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4 [playable on PS5]
  • Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

To request a key please contact and let us know which platform and region is most suitable.

Or alternatively head to the Speed Limit Keymailer to request a copy

*Penny & Dime Edition trailer showcases both the current and previous update  - Arcade Edition - which is also available on consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X I S)

Game Insights

In celebration of the impending release of Speed Limit, developer Gamechuck has also been sharing insights into the development of the game over their blog. These include a look at the full 2-year development cycle, alongside deep dives into the creation of key aspects of the game such as the soundtrack, perspective changes and insights into creating a pixel art world.

From an armed ambush during your daily commute, to car chases and even intense fighter jet battles high in the sky, Speed Limit is an unashamed old-school action extravaganza that will raise your adrenaline, and test all of your reflexes to the max.

A must-play for retro gamers:

  • A thrilling genre-switching rollercoaster that will test the limits of your reflexes
  • Gameplay that seamlessly transitions between six different retro genres
  • Unlockable endless mode
  • Test yourself against the clock in time trial mode
  • High-energy synthwave soundtrack
  • No tweening, no skeletons: All graphics are hand-drawn frame-by-frame

There is a demo available on Steam right now that gives players a taste of the fast-paced action they can expect in the full game. Additionally, those interested can also sign up to the Speed Limit newsletter so as not to miss out on all the latest information.

Bonus Content

  • A 40-minute soundtrack with all tracks from the game
  • A 44-page artbook with texts about the game and its inspirations

Arcade Mode

Just like the classics of the 80s, Arcade Mode delivers a classic arcade experience with a CRT-like visual overlay and a standard credits and lives system. You get to choose how many coins to insert before starting the game, including the option for unlimited credits, allowing players to tailor the difficulty to their own tastes.

Of course, as with the golden age of the arcade, part of the fun was chasing that high score and comparing it with your friends. As such, Arcade Mode also replicates this by featuring a high-score counter to compete and compare your results with friends, contributing to much higher replayability.

Neon Mode

For players who are more in the mood for a little bit of relaxation, Neon Mode has them covered. In Neon Mode players once again jump on the bike before cruising along the highway in a neon-glowing recreation of the original game’s motocycle levels, inspired by the synthwave track Neon Limit. Additionally, the Neon Limit track is also available for casual listening in a freshly added in-game music player.

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode is a faithful recreation of the arcade cabinet user experience that features integration with coin-operated arcade cabinets.


Speed Limit trailer



Key Art, Logo, Icon & Box Art

Speed Limit team

Igor Kolar
Project Manager & Creative Director

Jan Juracic
Lead Writer & Game Designer

Vanja Karanovic
Lead Programmer

Karlo Koscal

Sara Pranjic

Jurica Cvetko
Lead Pixel Artist

Matija Malatestinic
Lead Composer & Sound Designer

Lucija Pilic
Public Relations

Igor Gajic
Marketing & Community