Speed Limit is a super-fast-paced tour through a variety of retro action genres, set to beautifully animated pixel art.

The difficulty curve ramps up to breakneck levels while you run and gun in a side-scrolling shooter, weave through traffic in a faux-3D bike racer, dodge incoming missiles in an isometric shoot 'em up, and more!


The gameplay and perspective change radically every two stages as you jump into ever faster modes of transport; starting with a commuter train, through a convertible sportscar and all the way to a fighter jet. As the speed of the vehicles ramps up, so too does the intensity of the action. Speed Limit is fast, and it is hard.

Engage in a high–speed car chase from a top–down perspective. You will be ramming enemy vehicles into oncoming traffic and exchanging gunfire with foes from all directions.

Hug the corners as you race a bike in a faux–3D over–the–shoulder perspective. Weaving your way through traffic without wiping out will require nimbleness and precision, plus the occasional well–placed shot at enemies in your way.

Strafe missile boats with your attack helicopter in this twist on isometric shoot 'em ups. The ocean will ripple with the jet wash of your helicopter and bubble under your cannon fire, while you navigate a deadly maze of missiles.

Dogfight through a gauntlet of fighter jets as you fly straight towards the screen. Moving side to side will have you—and the camera—spinning in a barrel roll, so as you align your shots, the world around you will be turning around and around and upside–down.
Here you will face the big bad of the game: a gargantuan gunship armed to the teeth and out for your blood.


Igor Kolar
Creative Director

Jan Juracic
Level Designer

Vanja Karanovic

Matija Malatistinic
Composer & Sound Designer

Jurica Cvetko
Pixel Artist

Karlo Koscal

Sara Pranjic